Madrone trees for sale

In the northernmost part of Andalusia, between Jaen and Ciudad Real where Andalusia begins is the Natural Park, which is madrona trees for sale unequaled between the natural parks of Andalusia. Its history is engraved in its landscape, and is well illustrated in books and stories, in general expression, and also physically in many archaeological sites, paintings and sculptures found here. This, and the richness of nature in rough and hard terrain make it a worthy subject for conservation. This natural and historical wealth is a legacy for the future. The Natural Park, with an area of ​​6,000 hectares, located in Sierra Morena, is one of the most beautiful scenery in Andalusia.


 The national park is formed by a large fracture on the surface of the earth where the slow erosion of the river has formed a large narrow path through the Sierra rocks and has destroyed the uniformity of the Sierra, which, by its path, is on its way. madrona , leading to the Guadalquivir Valley. Their position on the northern border of Andalucia gives these mountains considerable rainfall. The combination of the natural shapes of rocks and rainwater provides this land with its vitality and strength. With an altitude of over 1,000 meters, and because of its geological break between Meseta and the Guadalquivir valley, natural biodiversity exists. Every tourist will be more than rewarded with a visit there and will be able to observe in this forest a fusion of oaks, corks, oaks of bile, and pine, to name just a few species among the riches of this mountainous nature. Under the trees, it is a scrub from the Mediterranean, with plants like shrubs, damar bushes, and myrtle. Photography Website The wildlife that live here include wolves, lynx, deer, wild pigs and marten, just a few names.

They have evolved here in perfect balance in the rich species diversity regardless of the proximity of human civilization. The sky, too, is worth more than just seeing, because here you can observe birds like lion birds, and beautiful imperial eagles. Access to the park is mainly through the Andalusian Toll Road leading to Santa Elena, from which your route can be decided. You can travel through some narrow lanes of the River or by walking across Arroyo del Rey (or, perhaps, take the road to Aldea de Miranda del Rey (Miranda del Rey Village).

 Inside the park and right after crossing the gap in the north, is the Correderas zone. From here, the road to Aldeaquemada leads to the inside of the sierras. When entering this area of ​​natural beauty, we may have to prepare to stop and absorb the spare time geological formations that nature has created. Deep ravines, stark, vertical faces and various forms of erosion form the landscape. Speaking of the field of natural beauty, we must not forget that there are also people who consider this area as a true hunter's paradise as well. For a long time this has been the main hunt where hunting practices have almost ritual fulfillment, Santa Elena and La Carolina become training centers. Some natural places of this size can offer so many tourists. Wildlife, hunting, spectacular scenery, as well as its own special historical features. Near Santa Elena is one of Iberian archeological gems, Collado de los Jardines (Collado of the Gardens). In the middle of the Sierra is one of the most interesting Iberian sanctuaries known, and nearby, an archaeological site, The Cave of the Dolis with its precious cave paintings.

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